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What is Relapse Prevention in Mental Health?

While it may vary, there are five stages of treatment and recovery in mental health: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Each individual will...
Nicole Senson
31 sec read

Does Medicare Cover Podiatry for Diabetics?

As a part of Allied Health, podiatry is a medical field that diagnoses and treats conditions of the lower extremity, like the feet and...
Nicole Senson
32 sec read

What Happens If I Start My Birth Control Late?

Oral contraceptive pills, or birth control pills, is a method that depends on consistency and timing. If you missed a pill, it is crucial...
Nicole Senson
42 sec read

Can Your General Practitioner Prescribe Birth Control?

For women, there are multiple contraception methods such as pills, devices, implants, barriers, and more. Within the selection, it is crucial to know which...
Nicole Senson
29 sec read

Can Hospital Patients Go Outside?

While the numbers may vary, each patient is divided into seven main types of care. These are primary, emergency, long-term, mental health, specialty, urgent,...
Nicole Senson
34 sec read