Can Hospital Patients Go Outside?

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Can Hospital Patients Go Outside

While the numbers may vary, each patient is divided into seven main types of care. These are primary, emergency, long-term, mental health, specialty, urgent, and hospice care. Under certain categories, a patient will need to remain at the hospital as they undergo treatment, also known as inpatients. 

Depending on the condition and treatment, the length of the hospital stay will vary. Regardless, inpatients often wonder if they are permitted to exit their respective rooms for a walk or wander about the facilities. Some also contemplate on a temporary leave during their hospital stay.

To provide a simple answer, it varies by patient, hospital, and the type of care and/or condition. However, a few exceptions are patients being treated for contagious diseases, severe injuries, life-threatening conditions, and severe mental illnesses.

If your current hospital has indoor and outdoor facilities, you may contact your nurse or practitioner regarding monitored activities. Feel free to contact us for any additional enquiries you may have.

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