Can Your General Practitioner Prescribe Birth Control?

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Can Your General Practitioner Prescribe Birth Control

For women, there are multiple contraception methods such as pills, devices, implants, barriers, and more. Within the selection, it is crucial to know which method best fits you, your body, and your needs. Additionally, each method carries a different set of side effects that an individual should be able to understand and anticipate. Thus, the importance of consulting a doctor beforehand, comes in. 

With an increase in subscription pill services, doctors recommend women to avoid acquiring birth control pills online. Instead, if you are looking for a contraception method, you may pay a physical visit to your general practitioner or OB/GYN for proper advice and prescription. Another option is to book for a virtual consultation through a trusted telemedicine provider. 

For a list of recommended general practitioners and OB/GYN, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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