What Is The Difference Between MRI and CT Scans?

As patients, most tend to agree on tests and procedures without sufficient knowledge — and the common question is, is there a difference between...
Nicole Senson
4 min read

Understanding Interoperability of Health Data

True data interoperability necessitates the exchange of syntactic and semantic information. Syntactic interoperability refers to the ability to transfer data from one EHR to...
Gabriel Galon
8 min read

Importance of Information Technology in Healthcare

Technology has improved patient diagnosis and treatment over time. Technological advancements have benefited healthcare the most. Many lives have been saved as a result....
Clinica Developer
5 min read

Do I Need a Referral to Get a Blood…

In order to determine a diagnosis or treatment, a pathology test may be required. This type of test uses a specimen sample for examination,...
Nicole Senson
31 sec read

What do MRI Results Show?

Magnetic resonance imaging, also known as an MRI, is a test that utilises radio waves and magnets in order to capture detailed images of...
Nicole Senson
28 sec read

Is Dermatology Covered by Medicare?

As one of the specialties in the medical field, dermatologists are medical professionals who focus on diagnosing and treating skin conditions. Unlike other specialties,...
Nicole Senson
29 sec read

What is a Pathology Report?

In medical science, pathology is a branch that revolves around the nature, cause, and origin of a disease. Discovering these three factors involve examinations...
Nicole Senson
32 sec read

Am I Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine?

As every country initiates their COVID-19 vaccination programmes, Australia is currently going through every priority group in order to achieve herd immunity. According to...
Nicole Senson
37 sec read

Are There Blood Pressure Specialists?

When an individual experiences symptoms, they may book an appointment with a general practitioner or their family doctor. On the other hand, some patients...
Nicole Senson
31 sec read