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Head Cold: Know the Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

While medical experts heavily express the dangers of self-diagnosing, the following information on head cold symptoms, causes, and treatments should not be utilised for...
Nicole Senson
2 min read

Make No Mistakes: When are Birth Control Pills Effective?

Among the contraceptive methods, effective birth control pills rely on two factors: consistency and timing. To begin with, opting for a contraceptive method displays...
Nicole Senson
3 min read

Understanding Interoperability of Health Data

True data interoperability necessitates the exchange of syntactic and semantic information. Syntactic interoperability refers to the ability to transfer data from one EHR to...
Gabriel Galon
8 min read

Ultimate Guide: How To Get Medicare Coverage For Podiatry

While Medicare helps millions and millions of people on a yearly basis, there is a limit to coverage for some medical specialties such as...
Nicole Senson
2 min read

Importance of Information Technology in Healthcare

Technology has improved patient diagnosis and treatment over time. Technological advancements have benefited healthcare the most. Many lives have been saved as a result....
Clinica Developer
5 min read

Telemedicine and Patient Experience: Everything You Need To Know

At some point, maintaining our distance from one another was our only lifeline. While physical connections were lost, telemedicine and patient experience bridged patients...
Nicole Senson
2 min read