Do I Need a Referral to Get a Blood Test?

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Do I Need a Referral to Get a Blood Test

In order to determine a diagnosis or treatment, a pathology test may be required. This type of test uses a specimen sample for examination, such as urine, blood or tissue. 

Applicable to most cases, your practitioner will refer you to a pathology laboratory and the results are sent directly to your practitioner. However, some patients prefer to skip the step of paying a visit to their GP and head straight to a blood test. While this is understandable, a visit to a practitioner allows a patient to know whether or not they require a blood test. Doctors do not recommend acquiring private blood tests as you may not need it and non-referred pathology tests are not covered by Medicare. 

In order to save time and costs, you may book a virtual consultation with a trusted telemedicine provider to gain referral.

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