Does Medicare Cover Podiatry for Diabetics?

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Does Medicare Cover Podiatry for Diabetics

As a part of Allied Health, podiatry is a medical field that diagnoses and treats conditions of the lower extremity, like the feet and legs. For most cases, Medicare does not cover podiatry patients’ cost, though, there are some exceptions.

In order to be eligible for Medicare coverage or rebates, a patient must have a chronic illness, such as diabetes or osteoarthritis. On top of this, the patient must be referred to a podiatrist by their general practitioner. If you believe you are eligible for Medicare coverage, it is best to contact your general practitioner or current podiatrist in order to take the correct next steps. 

For those who do not have a general practitioner or a podiatrist, you may book for a virtual consultation with a general practitioner to gain referral.

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