What is a Pathology Report?

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What is a Pathology Report

In medical science, pathology is a branch that revolves around the nature, cause, and origin of a disease. Discovering these three factors involve examinations of organs, bodily fluids, and organs. 

When you pay a visit to your practitioner, they may require a sample from you in order for the pathologist to examine the specimen. A sample may consist of blood, tissue or organ that is removed from the patient’s body. In terms of purpose, a pathology report may be used for diagnosis or identifying a treatment plan. 

The report itself has different components like full name, patient number, date and time of collection, medical history, specimen description, description of microscopic exam, final diagnosis, and the name and signature of the pathologist. 

If you wish to access your pathology report, you may request for it to be uploaded onto your My Health Record. Please contact us for any additional enquiries you may have.

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